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You’re reading the blog of a newly de-herniated woman. I had outpatient surgery yesterday to repair one just above my belly button. Yesterday afternoon I spent in a fog, in and out of sleep on the couch. Today….Ouch. I woke up stiff from sleeping in one position all night long (on my back, of course) and missing a dose of Tylenol #3. The second day’s always the worst, they say, so I look forward to feeling better each day. The Tylenol hasn’t been strong enough for the pain, so the doctor prescribed something stronger; I will probably be zonked out for a day or two, so don’t be surprised if I am blogless for a bit…Or if my blog entries make no sense at all, LOL.

My mom’s been a sweetie, coming over to walk the dogs for me. She’s sitting across the room from me right now, reading a Stephen King book. It’s nice just having someone here with me. Yes, the girl who is famous for being able to entertain herself for hours via surfing the web is glad to have her Mommy here. 🙂 I don’t feel much like writing right now, so farewell for now.

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