You are getting very sleepy…

The vet said Stella would be tired and sore today, and the tired part is kicking in. I think we’ll head home in a bit.

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3 thoughts on “You are getting very sleepy…

  1. She is just gorgeous! Those ears! I love them! I think they were the same size when I first got her from the shelter. She looks amazing! (even sick, she still looks happy!) I haven’t looked at any photos in a few weeks but wow she really has grown like a weed! Please let me know if I can help you guys out at all when she gets spayed. I know it’s a long drive and I would be more than happy to drive a leg! ha.

  2. I asked my boss if I could work that Tuesday. I figure I can drop her off before work, then hang around after my shift and pick her up to take her home. That way it’ll just be one trip. Thanks so much for the offer, though! 🙂 Everyone comments on what a great little girl she is and how well-mannered. You did SUCH a great job with her, Jessica!!

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