Yesterday Howie and I drove

Yesterday Howie and I drove over to Berlin with my folks, our friend Kathy following us in her plant-packed car, for a get-together with some other Ohio Dave’s Garden folks. We visited a bit in the parking lot of Tis The Season a year-round Christmas shop, traded some plants and seeds, then headed over to Der Dutchman for some good food. It’s always been so cool to meet the folks we’ve come to know and enjoy online, and this was no exception. They’re the salt of the earth. 🙂

I spent the night at Angie’s last night and Howie got to be a bachelor and watch a football movie with the dogs, LOL. Angie’d invited me to church with her since it was Friend Day, so I thought why not? It was really cool, from the Sunday school talk to the worship (great music!) to the sermon. It was just what The Doctor ordered. Angie’s going to be baptised tonight, so I’m hanging out with her all day and meeting Howie back at the church for the service. It’s been such a cool weekend, even if I was reluctant to get moving. I always enjoy being out and around people once I get going…It’s just the getting-going that’s tough.

Thanks, Angie. 🙂

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