Wouldn’t you like to be a Trekker, too?

Yes, am a fan of Star Trek in its various incarnations, but that’s not what this entry is about. It’s about TrekEarth and TrekLens. I just discovered them this week and joined.

They’re very active communities and searchable in so many ways: theme, camera, geographic location, photographer, etc.

Members can post photos and comment on/critique others’ work. There’s also a Workshop feature, in which members may, with your permission, edit and re-post your images in order to show ways they might have been improved. There are also forums and other helpful resources for both film and digital photographers.

I’m impressed.

Howie joined, as did our friends Mark and Chamma. It’s armchair travel at its finest – amazing images and something to be learned on every page. If you join, be sure to leave a comment with the username you used there!

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