Workin’ my way back to you, babe

That’s me singing to my skinnier self. I’ve exercised three times this week. That’s, like, a normal year’s worth for me, people.

I hope you don’t get sick of me talking about it, because it keeps me going and it keeps me honest. I promise I won’t just talk about calories and such all the time, though. It’s just a new thing for me right now and “it”. My knee’s really bothering me this evening, so I’d better stay away from the bicycle and just do swimming plus upper-body machines for now. Like I said, it’s still more than I was doing before and I am the one who said she was going to start out slowly!

I think a good plan will be for me to do 1 or 2 reps on each of the upper body machines, then either do laps or join in on the arthritis class in the warm pool. I’ve got to let my body be the guide, though…Might just need to do the arthritis class and not kick my knees a lot swimming.

Speaking of scales, we have a little digital scale we got through when we tried out their service. After seeing how little we’d use the service in exchange for the monthly fees, the novelty wore off and we dropped the service…But the scale was ours to keep as their gift. They’re just nice that way. This little guy weighs items up to 5 pounds and does so in 1/10 ounce increments. We use that scale a lot in the kitchen, for it’s easier to weigh many items than it is to measure them out accurately by volume. It’s made portion control and recording recipes a breeze.

What I’d lerve, ahem luuuurve (thanks, Dana) is one of these Carb-Tracker Nutrition Scales from Sharper Image. We don’t do the low-carb thing, but we do count calories and fats. Our friends have one of these scales and told us about it. It comes with a book of codes for various foods. You just punch in the number for the item you’re weighing and it comes back with the nutritional breakdown (calories, fat, etc.) for that item. That sounds really handy…Plus it looks really cool. It’s got the geek factor, big time.

I try to stay away from my mother-in-law’s scale except once a week, when I weigh in. Tomorrow’s the big day. It’ll be interesting to see how the exercise this week has affected weight loss. The more I work out, the more muscle I’ll gain. Muscle weighs more than fat, so I may not see big losses weight-wise, but I should see myself lose inches. I’m not looking for miracles. I know it takes hard work. That really sucks, but it’s true!

We had a blessing today in the form of food. An old friend of ours who does a lot of work with missionaries gets large amounts of various foods to distribute locally. I don’t know if it’s a co-op or what, but we’re talking truckloads of some things. He gave us canned kale, canned garbanzo beans, and all kinds of bread products. Some of the bread was Brownberry, some Weight Watcher’s, and some Thomas’. All of it really good stuff – bagles, bread, English muffins – some low-carb or light, some not. I’d rather count a few more calories in breads and love it than than eat the mega-processed low-cal stuff like Heiner’s just to save a few calories. Even though it is only 35 calories per slice…It’s just not that good.

I need to find some good recipes for canned kale and garbanzo beans (chickpea). I plan on making some hummus, for one. Suggestions most welcome! I have a lot of kale and chickpeas!

3 thoughts on “Workin’ my way back to you, babe

  1. Good Job on the Exercise! I need to get back into mine. Brian made me stop because last week I had all that chest stuff and this week, I have just been procrastinating. I am kinda burned on my WATP, so I really need to hook up the VCR and dust off my Sweatin to the Oldies VHS tape. Richard Simmon can be annoying, but at least he is upbeat and it is something different from my Leslie Sansone DVD.
    You sound like you are really on track! *Applause to you*

  2. i think the proper spelling is “luuuurve” not “lerve”
    keep up the good work! we’ll work our way back together!

  3. I wish the arthritis class at the pool played some more upbeat music. This is definitely geared toward people in their 60’s on up. Baaaad muzak is the background music and nothing we do keeps time, anyway.

    Thank you, Dana. Luuuurve you!

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