Woooo hooooo! I got the

Woooo hooooo! I got the camera today. I didn’t even realize the UPS guy had dropped it off until I went to their website to check on its status. The driver had left the package in front of our garage door in the driveway, for Pete’s sake. If my DH hadn’t already left for work, he might have run over the box as he backed the car out of the garage. I sent feedback to UPS via their website, including a link to a picture of our house (hey, I’m visual) and asking they tell the local drivers it is not acceptable for packages to be left in the driveway by the garage. Within an hour, I had an e-mail reply apologizing for the bad experience and promising they’d forwarded the info to the local UPS hub. And within two hours after that, a man called from the local hub and left a message on our machine. He said he’d spoken to the driver and the guy told him he thought it would be the best place for us to be able to see it. He saw a small porch up in front of the house, but the item wouldn’t have been any more protected there. Of course, the driver who did this was was filling in on our route for the regular guy. Ever notice how it’s never the regular driver who does the screw-up? 😉 Well, I’m just thankful the box didn’t get smashed by our car tires, and I’m happy to have the camera a day earlier than the tracking info had indicated.

The zoom on this thing is great – equivalent to a 35mm camera’s 38-380mm. Here’s an example. I took these shots of our sycamore tree while standing on our patio, about 30′ away from the base of the trunk. The tree is probably 75′ tall, if not taller, and she’s a grand old dame. 🙂 Click the below thumbnail to enlarge.

My Favorite Tree

I need to get use to a couple things, one of which is the fact that the flash is a pop-up type and does not go off unless you manually flip the little switch that makes it pop up. You have to watch the display for a flashing lightning bolt icon – that indicates a flash is needed – and either adjust your exposure or flip up the flash. Otherwise, the camera still fires, but with no flash…And the pictures turn out underexposed. The controls and menus are similar to the ones on the C-2040z we had, though, so the learning curve won’t be too steep. It’s mainly getting used to the zoom’s various focusing ranges and that flash thingie that I need to do.

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