Wooo! Westminster!

Howie worked early today and is home for the evening. What a nice little change of pace. We’re watching the Westminster Dog Show on the USA Network.

We just love watching these spunky dogs compete. Boy, do they strut their stuff! Our dogs are sound asleep in the big grey chair, oblivious to their cousins on TV. I think our girls are the real prima donnas, not the ones on TV.

3 thoughts on “Wooo! Westminster!

  1. Did a big, white poodle win? Every time I watch one of those dog shows, a big, white poodle wins. I don’t agree with the judges, but I love to watch!

  2. Yes, the big white poodle won the working dogs category again. This is his last year to win, because he’s being retired from showing. I bet he’s a great dog — just has that awful poodle cut!

    I can’t imagine judging such a competition. They’re judging all dogs against each dog’s individual breed standards, not against each other. It’s mind-boggling.

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