Wonder Twin powers activate: Form of e-mail comment notification!

I’m happy to report new comment notification has been activated for both this blog and The H-Man. Now, whenever you leave a comment, you’ll have the option of receiving e-mail notification when someone leaves a comment after you.

Woot! Stay in the loop! Eavesdrop when no one’s looking! Subscribe! 🙂

On another note, I’d like to thank Jack of Jacknjeannie.com for addressing the issue of WordPress not sending out email notification of new comments. I’d combed various message boards for over an hour when, suddenly, use of a slightly different search term landed me on their website. The comments notifier plug-in Jack recommended did the trick when combined with the creation and entry of two new e-mail forwarders: wordpress@domain.com, one for each of our sites.Click John Cleese for a treat!

It worked a little too well, actually, as we began receiving notification to not only directly our normal e-mail (entered in Options > General), but also via the forwarder I’d set up and entered in the plug-in’s configuration. I’ve deleted the extra e-mails and will watch to see if notifications still come through.

YOUR MISSION: Leave a comment. Subscribe to comment notification.

…Oh, and if you want to come back later and see if you are able to unsubscribe from new comment notification, feel free. 😉

3 thoughts on “Wonder Twin powers activate: Form of e-mail comment notification!

  1. Blogger has been doing that for me right along. The weird thing is there are spammers who keep leaveing comments on a long ago blog entry.

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