Windows Vista help sites: My short list

With my new Toshiba Satellite A205-S4577 laptop last year came a new operating system for me as well: Windows Vista. Do I like it? Yes! Do I love it! I’d have to give it a qualified yes. This isn’t an in-depth review, but I have a few observations along with some great links for Vista users as well as anyone curious about Vista.

I think Windows Defender is overkill and have disabled it. Vista has so many confirmation windows pop up in its default installation, I see how it can be overwhelming to an inexperienced computer user. I have fielded those calls and am glad I am running Vista on at least one of our machines here at home so I can walk people through things on both XP and Vista.

I love the ease of navigation within it, though. Especially handy to me is the “breadcrumb bar“, which let you move around in the folder hierarchy very easily. Support for multimedia has been improved, too.

It’s not without its quirks, though. One stubborn issue I’m dealing with is Windows Explorer hanging. Vista does, at least, let you restart it without restarting the whole computer. Once it does restart, however, the network and volume icons are missing from the notification area of the Taskbar. Right-clicking and going to the Taskbar’s properties doesn’t help, for under Notification Are tab, those two icons are grayed out and can’t be reselected. It’s a bug a lot of people have, and I’m still digging around trying to find what’s causing it on my system.

By the way, I was amused when I learned about the Mojave Experiment. It is brilliant! Microsoft wanted to see what people thought of Windows Vista, but didn’t want people to have preconceived notions. So, they came up with a re-branded Vista, calling it Mojave, and sat people down in front of computers loaded with this  pseudonymed version loaded on the PC. People who had very negative opinions of Vista ended up liking  Mojave. Fun times!

It kind of reminds me of those old great old Palmolive commercials with Madge the Manicurist: “Dishwashing liquid?”…”You’re soaking in it!”

But I digress…I digress a lot, don’t I? If you think it’s bad here, try holding a conversation with me.  *Sigh* I have so much going on in my head and make so many random connections to things. I guess it’s the downside of having a creative, scattered mind. 😉

Okay, back on track now. The reason I started this blog entry is to share a few links that Vista users will find helpful. I found a few rockin’ Vista-related sites offering forums, tips and tricks. Here’s my shortlist:

Lucky for me, they were all listed at the WinVistaClub website. Never have I had an easier time assembling a shortlist. 😉 If you’re on the lookout for advice about Windows Vista, those sites are full of great information. I like the layout at WinVistaClub, too.

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  1. I could never go Vista because some of the programs I use don’t work on it. And besides, I really resist change unless it involves a tallish balding man with a drum kit.

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