Wind, rain, hail and good samaratins

It’s a beautiful night and the pale flowers out front of the house look as pretty at night as they do in the daytime. The peace we’re enjoying now is a far cry from what it was like just seven hours earlier, though!

We’ve had thunderstorms all evening, off and on. I was caught out in the worst of them; we had an especially nasty cell come through around 5pm when I was out at Lowe’s. There was NO way I was going out in that to get to the car, so I’d resolved to wait a little for it to let up.

Let up? Hah!

THEN the tornado sirens started going off. Eventually, one of the managers (my friend, who used to own the house right next door to ours – remind me to tell you that story) told us all to get AWAY from the window. Gee, I think she had something there, what with the rain blowing sideways, the sirens wailing, and the hailstones pinging…

We were all shown back to the “cement bunker” as I called it, the one area of the store with a reinforced concrete tunnel; if you have Lowe’s stores, it’s back in the break room/restroom area.

We all kind of camped out there for a while. One lady was carried into the training room by an employee; evidently she had a panic attack and couldn’t breath, so they spirited her away to a quiet place. Another employee came through with a case of bottled water and offered it to people; she was kind enough to grab me a package of snack crackers when I told her my blood sugar had dropped and asked if there were any crackers anywhere. I knew I should have stopped for dinner FIRST, before going to the store!

Finally, the all-clear was sounded and we were released. By then it was only a hard rain falling, so I swathed myself in plastic and made a dash for the car. I’d borrowed my MIL’s car (another story – ask me to tell you) and had left each front window down 1″ to allow heat to escape.

I learned that horizontally-blown rain can make its way in a mere inch of open window and drench a car’s interior. We’re talking squishy butt time. *Sigh* Sorry, Mom!

When I stopped by the bank on the way home, the flash flooding was unbelievable; some good Samaratins
in a pick-up truck chained a stranded minivan to the truck’s winch and pulled it out. As you can see, the water was up to the one guy’s knees (and he has a nice back — you see that, Angie?).

On the PLUS side, before the storm hit, I’d been talking with one of the managers in the garden center, and she fixed me up, but good. When I said I was buying the two very leggy double impatiens plants so I could root a dozen or so plants from cuttings, she said, “oh, I love people like you who know what they’re doing!”. We laughed about that and I cast her a sideways glance and said conspiratorially, “say, you don’t have any poor, distressed plants needing homes and on sale, do you?”

“Let me check my carts!” she replied, and disappeared. She came back with a flat of six 6″ pots of gorgeous, healthy geraniums pelargoniums and said, “How about a buck each for these?”

HOW ABOUT? Heck yeah! Since I was saving money there, I picked up some purple and red salvia, dark purple lobelia, two pepper plants and one tomato plant. Here’s that loot. Wouldn’t have ’em at all if my MIL hadn’t loaned us her Lowe’s card so we could pick up a few things for the house – thanks again, Mom!

6 thoughts on “Wind, rain, hail and good samaratins

  1. Just yesterday I was looking at some double impatiens and bought some geraniiums. It’s raining here today but I don’t think we’ll get up to the kind of rain you had.


  2. That rain was *unreal*. Today it is sunny and HOT, already 83 with 55% humidity at 3pm. Ugh.

  3. I guess you’ll be waiting a few days for it to dry out before you can plant all of those lovely flowers.

    It looked like you have a basement in one of those pictures; has it ever flooded? With as much rain as you got, I don’t see how flooding could be avoided.

  4. That was a GORGEOUS back!

    And, remind me to send you a photo of a flower that I need identified……again.

    Glad you’re safe and sound!

  5. We had the basement waterproofed, Tami. And the sump was doing its job that day, spewing water out to the street. Search my blog for Everdry.

  6. I just finished reading all of your entries about Everdry and all I can say is WOW! A big WOW for the guarantee you have that there will be no leakage. That’s a big deal. And another WOW for how much money you must have spent if you got $2000 off! I now know that you will be living in this house for life; who would move after investing that much money?

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