Williams Shamir at YouTube

I received a friend request from this YouTube user today. Normally, I don’t add people on social networks as friends unless I know them in real life or have gotten to know them through a common interest online. I do, however, always look at the user’s profile and see what the person’s all about.

Well, Williams, aka Willy, is creative and I enjoy his videos! I commented on this one, saying it reminds me of those videos people post where they depict what it *sounds* like someone’s singing, to a hilarious end…Only he’s actually singing what you think it sounds like. Look at the illustrations.  LOL

Anyway, say hi to Willy! Be sure to check out the artwork hanging on his walls in this video, along with the painting videos he’s posted. He’s a talented artist as well as musician.

One thought on “Williams Shamir at YouTube

  1. Yea! Comments are back for me 🙂

    I am particular who I am “friends” with on MySpace, but for some reason, I haven’t really cared when it comes to YouTube friends and subscribers. I guess I figure, what the heck, if they think I am so interesting and want to subscribe, I will allow them even though I don’t know them from Adam. I don’t, however, subscribe to their videos. That is probably what they would like though (I am guessing), although I don’t see what difference it could possibly make.

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