Why the nonsense comment spam?

I still use Movabletype 3.2, so am pretty behind the times. I don’t know its installation stuff and am a brute novice at CSS, so I rely on my host to tweak this stuff.

The comment spam is so annoying. It used to be URL’s for sites pushing porn or prescription drugs, but lately I have a lot of nonsense comment spam like this example. There really isn’t a way to block them with my current setup since the IP addresses change all the time, they have no keywords I can blacklist, and they’re randomly-generated URL’s. At least they’re easy to spot when I’m scanning through the lists of comments awaiting action.

I have the Spamlookup plugin set installed as part of MT 3.2, but it only does part of the job. It is pretty good at catching spam comments and marking them junk, and it’s rare a legitimate comment is earmarked as junk. Still, my regular readers, whom I’ve marked trusted, must have their comments approved manually. It’s nice my comments are not full of spam on the site, but having to double-check comments in queue for legitimacy is a pain. Having to manually go in and publish the legitimate stuff is time-consuming and it takes away from the fluid, interactive nature of a blog.

I don’t know what I need to change to fix this. Will MT 4 make things all better? Should I really think about WordPress? I just hate to lose our beautiful site designs.

I hear the comment spam filters are much more robust in version 4 and am looking forward to having it some day. I’d try installing WordPress, but Mandi designed our beautiful blogs for MT and I don’t have a clue how to make them work in anything else. And at this point in life, I really don’t want to have to learn something that in depth for something that is, for the most part, a pleasant diversion and not a job. Do I hear an amen?

4 thoughts on “Why the nonsense comment spam?

  1. These spam comments really have become a drag — and thank you for pointing them out. I’ve just paid to have my site changed and looks like I need another change fast — to keep all new comments from going live till I’ve reviewed them.

    I guess my only other hope is that since I go thru and delete the spam comments once they’re posted, these folks will eventually give up == like the porno people did who used to post via my trackbacks.
    Wishful thinking? Probably…

  2. Part of our continuing private discussion. 🙂 I really wish there was a solution to this garbage. I don’t know about you but I’ve had my address since Yahoo was invented and I don’t really want to give it up. Unfortunately I get somthing like 3 times the sp*m that I get in legitimate mail and that INCLUDES assuming that the advertising I get from magazines and e-tailers is legitimate. Problems like this appear to be common amongst bloggers I am familiar with. Bad enough if I only have to scan my sp*m bucket for the ocasional legit mail but I still end up blocking 5 to 10 new sp*ms daily sometimes 20 or 30. I have other addresses that I don’t use as often that still have to be culled weekly. Usually the only one I don’t play with is the ISP address – the only people that should know that address is the ISP & me. If I get anything not from the ISP on that, I yell at the ISP. They occasionally pretend to care 🙂 I certainly prefer to be ocassionally blocked from one of my addresses than have one of my friends overwhelmed with spam but – again – It sure would be nce if someone could invent a REAL cure for this rather than just hiding under a rock or running away 😉

    Blessings to y’all!

  3. The spam to your ISP address is probably the result of a spammer hammering out e-mails to random vocabulary and initial+surname combinations @ your domain. I get them at our ISP account, too. When the spammers are stupid enough to just CC the addresses receiving them, I often see the other recipients are in the same alphabetical vicinity as my username.

  4. That’s true enough – I just figure that with my ISP – I don’t worry about a black list – I have a VERY Short Whitelist & nothing else is *supposed* to get through. Hence I grumble if something does get through. Course – I don’t look at that address very often. Mail languishes in that bin for weeks on end some times 🙂

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