Whose Line Is It Anyway? Not Mine!

Tonight at our town’s beautifully restored Midland Theater, three comedians are performing as part of the Laughter Arts Festival tour. I want SO badly to be there, but tickets started out at $25 each and we just couldn’t swing that right now.

So, who all am I missing? For one, Brad Sherwood, of Whose Line Is It, Anyway? (WLIIA) fame. The second is comedian and magician Harry Anderson (remember Night Court?) And the third is Wendy Liebman.

Aaaaaargh! Howie and Jeff are watching the NFL playoff game on TV in the livingroom and I’m holed up in the office to write. Yes, instead of settling into a velvet-upholstered chair at the theater and watching in eager anticipation as the houselights dim, I’m here at home typing an entry in my blog.

To quote good old Will, “I alone beweep my outcast state”. But, to quote another, lesser-known and far less eloquent scribe, “sh*t happens”.

Well, if I can’t see ’em live, at least I can find some online content like audio and video clips

But it’s not the same. *sniffle*

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3 thoughts on “Whose Line Is It Anyway? Not Mine!

  1. Hi! Christmas as great. The girls were sick, but that goes sometimes. I’m sorry you couldn’t see the performance. I completley know how that is. We are on a pinched grocery budget right now so we can catch up on all of our bills!
    (Mainly house and medical)

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