Who’s your ducky?

The plumber and the contractor doing the basement made their way out of the house yesterday with our old cast-iron tub balanced on a dolly. Until Jamie the plumber hauls it away, it’s sitting in our front yard. Last night when Howie got home from work, he rolled the trash bin out to the curb, as usual. While he was out there, he moseyed on over to the tub to take a look at it.

“Is this our rubber ducky?”, he asked. When I asked him if it was the yellow one our friend’s son left here one time, he said it wasn’t. Hmmmmmmmm…..

Yes, someone had placed a rubber ducky in our lawn tub. Oh, the hilarity!

It didn’t remain a mystery for long, because someone couldn’t keep her glee to herself. Last night, in reply to some pictures I’d e-mailed my siteless buddy Angie, I received the following missive:

when/who/how are you getting rid of it? just think it might be good to check it over before she goes.

Yep, it was her. She’d left our place around 10:30pm last night and gone to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures. While there, she bought the little rubber ducky and snuck back to our house about 11:00pm. She parked her car down the street and covertly scrambled down the sidewalk in front of our house.

She could see me in the office window, puttering away at my computer. I never had a clue, sneaky thing. I just love her!

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