Whispers in the Thaw

We finally have a break from the cold today, and we have a vividly blue, cloudless sky. What a lift THAT is, especially the rayon de soleil warming my upturned face. (It felt so good, so beautiful, I find out how to say it in French). These warming climes mean the snow no longer crunches crisply underfoot. The snow is melting and our deceptively clean-looking yard will be revealed for what it is: full of neglected leaves, twigs, and dog piles. We have a lot of work to do out there.

But for now…Carp? diem!

When I took the dogs out for their afternoon walk, Emma alerted me to the sky as a flock of Canada geese swept by overhead. There was no raucous honking heralding their arrival. I could see individual feathers on their wings and hear the wind whispering through those feathers as they flew close by us in their tight V-formation.

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