Which end’s up?

We did some Christmas shopping at Big Lots and Target last night. While out, we managed to find a few things for our fur kids, including a kitty condo for the feline fluffballs. At first, Snoopy wouldn’t go inside the cubbies. She was happy to sit on top of the condo, but that was it. Hattie didn’t seem to care either way, preferring the basket next to it.

Tonight, though, I found some catnip tea in our cupboard and scattered one teabag’s contents inside the two cubbies. Suddenly the whole world seemed brighter and so much more compelling to our felines! There was a lot of rubbing and flopping, twisting and kicking…At times it was hard to see where one cat ended and the other began.


See what I mean?

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4 thoughts on “Which end’s up?

  1. Love that pix! The catnips did the trick! I use them on my cat bedding, scratch board, etc. It works!

  2. If we had room for one of these condos, we would get one. They look like great places to perch! You have beautiful cats.

  3. Love the picture! It looks like the catnip got them pretty loaded. Do they act like they have a hangover afterward?

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