When the Game’s Too Smart

I enjoy the Scrabble game I bought for my PocketPC. Thing is, if I play against the computer, there’s not a lot of flexibility in how difficult an opponent I get.

If I choose the easy skill level, the computer puts down 2-letter words and I beat the tar out of it, no challenge at all. However, if I tell the computer medium skill, it puts down 7-letter words — things like “viceroy” and other words I’ve read or heard, but would never spring to mind. I’ve always had a pretty good vocabulary! Or so I thought. Blah.

On an upnote, I did beat the computer on medium skill last night – woo! I didn’t even have the “suggest move” feature on. I was thrilled. 😉

On another upnote, I found a new blog today. Meet Kate. She left a comment on the Google? Godgle? entry and I shuffled on over to check out her digs. Judging from the Scrabble link she had on her blog, I think she must be pretty cool.

Pholph’s Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble? Score is: 20.
What is your score? Get it here.

I’m off to read more there. Come along!

5 thoughts on “When the Game’s Too Smart

  1. Hey, Brenda! Actually, you linked me to your login there. Your public URL is http://zanymuse.blogspot.com/ — Heading over there now!
    Joanie – A friend just recently told me about playing by e-mail. I need to write back to her and get a game going. E-mail me and we’ll play if you want. 🙂

  2. Testing. Right now it says there’s been 3 comments on this entry, even though there have really been 4. I received e-mail notification of Brenda’s last comment, but it does not show up here.

  3. Duh, Brend’s last comment was an e-mail directly to me, not posted here. That solves that.

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