What’s on top of a house? Roof!

Remember that classic joke about the talking dog? Well, he’d be saying “Roof! Roof!” today, because Able Roofing began their replacement of our roof this morning. We were told they would arrive between 7-7:30am, but they didn’t get here until 9:30am. In a way that was nice, because we got a couple more hours good sleep than we’d anticipated.

They also didn’t finish in the one day’s time promised us by the salesman. It’s a good thing we didn’t have something else scheduled for tomorrow. They got as far as removing the old shingles and paper, and laying new paper on the back side of the roof. The front is covered with tarps for the night. I’ve posted pictures in a journal entry today. To their credit, they did clean up the site and remove the debris. The dump truck full of old shingles and paper is parked on the street overnight.

Kitchen-wise, we’ve now decided to just have our metal cabinets repainted. I had a local architectural salvage business owner come by to give me an offer on them, and he ended up convincing me to keep them. He said they are very good cabinets, very solid, and have components you seldom see in them (the corner lazy susan cabinet, 6″ drawer cabinet for cookie sheets, and the 24″ 4-drawer unit were the ones he pointed out).

He said he knows they’d sell quickly for him, that there’s a demand for them. He then pointed out how well made they are and encouraged us to consider using them. It’s true that we will not find such sturdy wooden in our budget. The ones we can afford are particleboard with wood veneer. I just had a vision of what our ready-to-assemble particleboard bookshelves have looked like when the floor’s gotten wet under them. I’d hate to see what happens to cabinets if there’s a pipe leak or some major spill.

Our friend does auto restoration and will prep and paint the cabinets inside and out with auto paint. We should be able to have them removed, prepped, painted and re-installed for less than we’d have paid for the ready-to-assemble cabinets themselves. This way, we should have money to do the floor, too!

Now the only issues are re-configuring the existing units so the stove’s in the “L”, and choosing a color for the cabinets. We just know white is out of the question; that’s what we have now, and they show every little splash and fingerprint. We might do forest green or even a pale cream or yellow. They’ll look like new, whatever their color. Yay!

I’d kind of like to find different hardware for them, but considering the size and shape of the handles, that might be difficult. We can always do that later, anyway.

3 thoughts on “What’s on top of a house? Roof!

  1. As I read I can hear the excitement through your writing! I am excited for you too! The color choices are endless!

  2. I am so glad he talked you into keeping those cabinets! They will be beautiful refinished and I really don’t think you would have been thrilled with the partical board replacements and the fewer ammenities they offer.

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