What up? Lisa’s gangsta rap!

We are pretty silly when we’re together with our DG friends, and it’s contagious. Lisa is our good friend whose family moved from Louisiana to Kentucky last year. Saturday morning, we awoke to find it very windy and chilly. Lisa hadn’t packed enough long pants and warm clothes, so she gave her daughter her jeans to wear while she snagged a pair of her husband’s. She also wore one of his flannel shirts. The net effect was pretty funny, and we kidded her about her baggy gangsta rap look. It took on a life of its own…

The Mardi Gras beads and chickens are leftovers from our 2002 visit to their home in Louisiana. We brought them novelty rubber chicken lollypops and they had the beads already. We got a lot of mileage out of those chickens, and still do! These treasures have stayed in their camper ever since, and make their appearance when we get together. It’s so fun having a history with people. 🙂

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