What movie quote are YOU?

Well, I guess I’m Shrek, and for once one of these quiz answers makes some sense. My body somewhat resembles his, and the description is pretty apt…

You are… Shrek –
“Well I have to save my ass!”

You walk tough and talk tough, but inside you’re just a gooey ball of mush. Your friends are important to you (whether you admit it or not) and you’d do just about anything for them (but you wouldn’t like it). Trust is important to you, and so is respect. Looks don’t matter to you; it’s the gooey ball of mush inside that really counts.

What movie quote are YOU?
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Note: You’ll probably have to tweak their HTML if you put the code in your blog; there were a lot of line breaks added in poor places, plus the word “respect” was misspelled. I threw it in here with a blockquote.

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