What is it about cats and boxes? Ask Maru.

I know they like cozy spaces. It tickles me to see our cats scuffle snuggle down in their choice of the innumerable boxes in our house. Here is Snoopy enjoying a respite in one of many Amazon boxes:



Maru, the box-obsessed Asian Kitty on YouTube, would concur.

Too small box and Maru:

He takes box love to a whole new level. I just loves me some Maru kitty.

UPDATE: Oh, my gosh. I was just browsing Amazon and found out there is a Maru book coming out in August: I Am Maru. No way…How fun!

Man, I love the Internet.

5 thoughts on “What is it about cats and boxes? Ask Maru.

  1. Cats. Love em. Those two are adorable…. The little bit at the end of the video made me smile. Just sticking his arm out chillin’ … oh yeah!

  2. Surfed in while looking for a graphic about thumb twiddling (may I please borrow yours for use on my blog?) and had such a good time just visiting. I promise to come back and spend some more time — maybe bring our two cats along just for the fun of it! Thanks.

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