We’re Bi-Technical

We took the plunge tonight and bought us a Mac. Why? Because Howie’s employer had another round of layoffs on Tuesday. Out of four people on second shift in his department, he’s the only one they kept. It was a big wake-up call that he needs to learn as much as he can.

He uses both Macs and PC’s at his job, but mostly the latter. Knowing both PC and Mac platforms will make him a more desireable employee. So, today he sold our Micron P2 300mHz laptop to a coworker and tonight we bought a Powerbook G3 Wallstreet on eBay. We figure it is pretty similar to our laptop as far as processor speed, RAM and hard drive space goes, plus it has a 14″ display like the Micron. He’s using his downtime at work to learn more about QuarkXpress and Photoshop, too.

This is quite a leap for this girl. I am an old pro when it comes to PC’s and Windows, but I am clueless when it comes to Macs. I’m looking forward to learning, though! Our first challenge will be in getting our Windows PC’s to talk with the new laptop; we’ve never networked anything but PC to PC. Woo-hooo!

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