We’re adding to our family

I tweeted about it yesterday:

Looking @petfinder for a puppy – we’re ready! This must be what expectant parents feel like. Only we get to choose our baby! πŸ™‚

The secret’s out: We’re adding to our family! We haven’t found a pup just yet, but we’re pouring over Petfinder, filling out rescue organization applications, watching the local shelters and reading the ads on Craig’s List, the local papers, and watching bulletin boards.

Sarah is getting on in years and, as much as we try not to think about it, we know she isn’t going to live forever. Emma is very attached to Sarah. When Emma was a puppy, the only way we could crate her was if Sarah was right in there with her. The two would curl up and go to sleep. They still curl up together on the dog bed and on the couch.If we have to take Sarah somewhere, Emma paces, whines and is disconsolate until she returns.

We know that Sarah’s death is going to make a basket case out of Emma if she isn’t already bonded to another doggy friend. So, we’re getting a third dog now in preparation for that day, whenever it may come.

Sarah isn’t always accepting of adult dogs, but she loves puppies. Emma will accept a puppy, too. We don’t see us getting an adult dog unless we can see that they all get along well.

So, that’s the scoop! We’re on the lookout for a short-haired, preferably female puppy who’s good with dogs, cats and kids. We know it’s hard to tell that with a puppy, but we’re hoping to find a mutt with a good mix of breeds that typically are good with kids and other animals…Beagles, labs, etc. We’re partial to fawn, fawn and white or tri-color markings.

3 thoughts on “We’re adding to our family

  1. I just happen to know of a small breed that is good with kids and other animals and they are typically fawn πŸ˜‰
    They do snore a lot though!

  2. Hah! Tami, I know you do! There was a cute pug/beagle cross on Petfinder along with another listing for a pug. I did look at them. Howie’s snoring drives me nuts some nights when I can’t sleep, so I didn’t think a snorty little pug would be the best fit. LOL

    Joan, my original reason for not wanting kids was the whole pregnancy and pain thing. Then it was the whole Über responsibility thing. At least I realized it early on and Howie was fine with that.

    Our pets are children to us, of course. Best, we can dote on them and tell them how beautiful and unique they are all the time, all with no fear of them becoming self-important narcissists! LOL

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