Well, today we got a

Well, today we got a call from the pound. A lady called them asking if they’d received a male beagle because her sister’s beagle was lost here when she visited from Cincinnati. The pound gave her our number and when she called, Howie quizzed her a little about the dog. When she said he was a neutered male, his heart sunk. She came out to our house to see the beagle.

And she said he wasn’t the same dog. Her sister’s beagle is bigger than this one. Wooooo! Howie told me that, at first, he was wanting the lady to be his owner. But when she turned out not to be, he was really happy. He told her about the local radio stations’ websites and the lost-and-found listings on them, and she’s put ads up on both. It turns out her sister’s dog wasn’t lost until Saturday, which is three days after we saw Buddy. Nice to know it’s definitely not the sister’s dog!

Get this – an official at the dog pound told Howie the only way we could legally claim him would be if we turn him in at the pound, wait the 72-hour waiting period, then adopt him. WHY on earth would we make him live in those conditions for three days just so we could pay them a $50 adoption fee? No thanks! I know it’s not their fault there are so many homeless animals, but I still wouldn’t want to leave any animal there unless I had to.

Whadd ya think…Doesn’t it look like they’ve broken each other in well? We’re really attached to this little guy. He is so laid-back and…Every bit a little guy, just a happy-go-lucky little fella. He has matched Emma tumble for tumble, nip for nip, yip for yip, a worthy playmate. She really needed someone to roughhouse with, too. She and Sarah are buddies, but Sarah’s no spring chicken and can only take so much from Emma before snarling a 10-second warning at her. More pics soon! 😉

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