Well, it’s my birthday today.

Well, it’s my birthday today. I’m 35 now, as opposed to 34.99 – LOL. I figure if little kids can round their ages up to the next half, why can’t I express mine in retail terms? I shall spend my birthday afternoon at the surgeon’s office, finding out whether I will have inpatient or outpatient surgery, and when, and all that good stuff.

I saw this pretty little beagle wandering around our neighborhood for two days, collarless and with no ID. Yesterday, he tried to get in the postman’s truck when the man got back in it at the nearby school. He looked so sad when the truck pulled away, taking a few steps after it. Then this morning, I passed him on a fairly busy road as I was going on an errand. When I came back from the errand, he was at the corner of our street. I pulled over and opened my car door, calling him. He trotted right up and got in the car with me! 🙂 🙂

When I got home, I knocked on the door rather than just walking in with him with the dogs loose. You should have seen Howie’s face when he opened the front door to find me standing there with this little fella. His face broke out into a huge grin and he said “aaaaaaaaaaaw, he’s so cute!”.

Howie’s always wanted a beagle.

This fella’s neutered already (good thing, seeing how Emma’s in heat, huh?) obviously loves people and gets along with cats and dogs alike. His teeth are clean and pretty white, so he’s probably a fairly young dog.

Our two curious girls overwhelmed him at first, and he came and put his paws up on my knees as if to say “help! protect me!”. After the initial introductions, though, he acted as if he’s lived here all his life! Howie gave him a bath to make sure he had no fleas, and he didn’t see any. Emma loves to play with him, and he puts up with her rambunctiousness like a saint.

Seeing how well they all got along and afraid to leave him out loose when I was out, I put him in the huge crate with Sarah and Emma when I went to the doctor’s. When I came back, they were all sound asleep and didn’t stir until I clomped down the basement stairs and opened the rec room door – That’s never happened before, LOL.

We’re watching the lost and found ads in the newspaper and local radio stations. If no one wants him bad enough to call and place a free “lost pet” ad or hang up a few posters, they must not want him. I suspect he was dumped by someone.

I was ready to give him to my mom if nobody claims him, thinking Howie might not want a third dog. Howie said he wants to keep him if that’s the case, though — 😀 Yippee!!

Pictures soon……

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