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A while back I wrote that I’d like one of Sharper Image’s food scales.

For a while, their site showed them as unavailable, and I assumed they discontinued them. They’re back up now, but in the interim I’ve found a scale which better suits our needs. We picked up a My Weigh Ultraship-50 on eBay from oldwillknot.

Like the kitchen scale models I considered, the Ultraship weighs in both metric (grams/kilograms) and Imperial (ounces/pounds) measures. Also, it is compact like the kitchen scales. True, it doesn’t have the Sharper Image model’s high-tech database of foods, but that doesn’t concern me. Between calorie-count.com and Calorieking.com, I have ready access to nutritional info when I need it; actually, the latter lets you re-scale the portion size on the fly, quite handy if for some reason you measure out a non-standard portion. Calorie King also has their database available in both Palm and PocketPC formats for $19.99.

One thing which convinced me to get this scale was its 50-pound capacity. Granted, I doubt I’ll measure much food requiring that much of a capacity, but we do send packages and have been limping along with our Stamps.com 5-pound capacity scale for several years. Another plus was this review of the Ultraship on Scale Magazine’s website. They said it is very accurate and well-made. Finally, the model’s detachable faceplate is a cool innovation, especially for those times we weigh large boxes which overhang a compact scale’s small footprint.

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