We can rebuild him…

We have the technology. No, I’m not talking about Steve Austin, but about The H-Man. We just got back to the hotel room after seeing Dr. Kebaish.

We grabbed a cab at 10:30am and were in the exam room within an hour. They have quite a system worked out at that Outpatient facility…You take a number, they call you up to get the paperwork. They give you another number, then they call you back up. It’s impersonal, but efficient. The front desk staff for the department were not very friendly, but Dr. Kebaish’s nurse and the other nurses in back were really nice.

Their exam was more thorough than any he’s had in Ohio. He had more X-rays taken, too. Looking at them was kind of sobering…Even as laymen, we could see things just aren’t curving the direction they should. My hubby’s poor back. 🙁

His back has two pronounced curves, one lordosis (side-to-side, when viewed from the back) and the other Kyphosis (front-to-back, when viewed from the side). The surgeon said Howie’s not in an immediate need for surgery, but eventually he’s probably going to be to a point where he’ll need it since the curves will get progressively worse. It’s putting a lot of strain on his upper back as it compensates for the lack of correct curve down below.

The surgery suggested by the Ohio doc — removing more bone and doing the L4-L5 laminectomy (fusion) — would only make the curve worse in the long run and cause more problems. Dr. Kebaish said the only thing that will really help surgically is to reconstruct his spine and put it all back into alignment, then fuse everything. It’s a pretty involved surgery with a lot of hardware, a 6 or 7 hour surgery. Howie would be looking at about 6 weeks off work.

While he’s not looking forward to having a surgery, he’s tired of being the way he is and he doesn’t want to get progressively worse. He’d be able to stand up straight again after this, too. The doctor’s scheduling surgeries about 2 months out now, so it would be after the first of the year that he has it done.

Dr. Kebaish said he does 2-3 of this surgery every week (he specializes in scoliosis). He said about 75% are very satisfied and would do it again. About 15% have some problems like infection, and about 10% say they are no better off. Sounds like pretty good odds to us. Just the way the whole thing came out of the blue with our friend offering to help us get here is wild enough.

That’s the latest. We walked over to the Radison hotel (formerly the Lord Baltimore, where Howie’s dad was an executive chef in the 70’s) for lunch, but their restaurant wasn’t open until 5:00pm. We nabbed a non-unique lunch at Taco Bell, LOL.

Right now, we’re glad to be stretched out in the hotel for a few hours before we go out to Bertha’s with our friends. We’re now in a non-smoking room, might I add. It smells terribly of mildew, but it’s better than sour smoke. The elevators smell of vinegar. It’s quite the olfactory smorgasbord.

My sinuses will breathe a sigh of relief when we get back home. Can’t say we’d recommend the Days Inn Inner Harbor as a first choice, but we’re thankful we had a place to stay!

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7 thoughts on “We can rebuild him…

  1. Sounds like great news. Will continue to keep Howie in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. Hey you guys! I’m so sorry I didn’t realize that you were in town!! Man, I feel just awful. I really spaced on the time. Are you still here?

    I find this information very encouraging! Those odds are great, I think. And it will come up before you know it — and then, after a little over a month, he’ll be doing SO much better!! Thank goodness you were able to come here. It’s simply amazing how that happened.

    How did you like Bertha’s? Lorraine and I go to their bar about once a month — one of my very good friends tends bar there and we meet up with friends on a weekend day and have a big party!

    Sending you both MUCHO love….

    Sarah (and Lorraine)

  3. I’m so glad there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel for Howie. Jack has Kyphosis too so we understand the strain on his back. Glad the trip is over tho and you are safely home. GOD bless and keep both of you.

  4. It sounds like Howie is ready for the surgery! After this is all over with he will be a whole new man. I’m sure he will be glad he went through with it.

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