Waves lapping the shore

Tonight as I type this, there is a steady, strong breeze blowing across the water and the waves are lapping the shore. This picture was taken earlier today, but it gives you an idea of the shoreline where we are.

It’s a wonderful sound, soft and soothing. The winds have brought in cool air, perfect for deep breaths and relaxing for a good night’s sleep. The tent’s windows are partially open, letting the tent breathe right along with us. It’s chilly, but comfortable in our sleeping bags.

We’ve welcomed our gardening friends as they’ve arrived today and there’s been a lot of excited squeals from us ladies as we greet people we’ve not seen in a long while. The guys, many of them spouses of subscribers, have had fun sitting back and chewing the fat. There’s been music, too, of course. That’s a given. It’s so good, gathering like this.

If you’d told me back in 2000 that we would become such good friends with such a wide cross section of people from so many parts of the country, I don’t know if I’d have believed you. But in finding Dave’s Garden, that’s exactly what happened.

So many smiles and remembrances, so many stories and memories being made — you just can’t beat getting together with people like this.

We’re thankful.

2 thoughts on “Waves lapping the shore

  1. I am glad you have arrived safely and have seen friends. Are you receiving your email? I sent you a few things 🙂

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