Water for wildlife in the dead of winter

The temperatures dipped quite low again, and the stock tank heater in our pond is the only thing keeping a hole open.

It’s important the pond not freeze over since that traps gasses in the water and kills the fish and frogs. We learned this the hard way a few years ago. If an electric heater isn’t practical, you can put a big chunk of styrofoam in the water, weighted in place like a buoy so it won’t blow away.

It’s strange to see goldfish swimming around when it’s below zero outside. They’re happy, though, because this time last year we saw several tiny baby fish in the pond. The birds, stray cats and raccoons appreciate this small oasis, too.


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2 thoughts on “Water for wildlife in the dead of winter

  1. I did not know how a person would go about keeping fish alive this time of year. I have learned something new today! I hope you don’t mean the birds, stray cats, and raccoons appreciate it because it keeps them FED!

  2. Oh, yeah, they can drink! That’s what I meant! LOL As long as the pond is at least 18″ deep, the fish can overwinter in it even without a heater; it just has to have a way for the gasses to escape the water.

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