Warm temps…Making lots of cooler mix!

In the winter, we sell many hot drinks, but as temps climb in the spring, we segue over to cold drinks like smoothies, Caribou Coolers and Snowdrifts. The Cooler mix is a powdered mix containing white cocoa powder, powdered skim milk, sugar, vanilla and various other ingredients. We brew our Caribou Blend coffee and mix the powder into it. This mix is then blended with ice and our various flavor syrups to make the coolers. They are sooo good.

cariboublend.jpgLike with everything else, they’re good in moderation. The small coffee cooler (no added syrups) has 220 calories and 4 grams of fat. The small caramel cooler, on the other hand, has 490 calories and 15 grams of fat. The extra calories and fat come from the addition of caramel syrup, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle. It can be made with sugar-free caramel syrup and no whipped cream or drizzle, through, so there are ways to make slimmer choices.

7 thoughts on “Warm temps…Making lots of cooler mix!

  1. Sort of like a slushie, only with a sweetened coffee base. I edited this entry to add more info. I sent the picture from my phone last night and wasn’t about to type that whole entry using the T9 predictive text!

  2. Thanks for the explanation. For me, I think I have never tried these special coffee’s because I’m afraid I will get hooked on them!

  3. You DO get hooked on them. At least I do. LOL We have little sips here and there when we have some left over in the blender after filling an order. I rarely get a whole one. When I go to a coffee shop, I get regular coffee. But I get a free fru-fru drink when I work, and that usually ends up being a latte involving a little chocolate and maybe cherry.

  4. I’m allergic to a ton of weird things. I would like to know the precise ingredients of cooler mix. What are the “various other ingredients?”

  5. I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Caribou about that. I haven’t worked there since 2009 and don’t know their ingredients.

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