Want a bagle with that?

As if this and this weren’t enough to make us tremble, the latest news of Bagle virus varients is even scarier.

If you use LookOut Outlook or Outlook Express still, all I can say is why? Mosey on over to this post for some excellent alternatives. Non-subscribers will only be able to see the first post in the thread, but it contains all the pertinent info.

Whatever browser and e-mail programs you decide to use, be sure to keep your Windows system updated at Windows Update and be doubly-sure you have a current version of a reputable antivirus program running like the free Avast or AVG antivirus software.

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2 thoughts on “Want a bagle with that?

  1. These viruses are only going to get worse and worse. It’s a shame that people don’t have anything more to do with their time then sit and make them up.

  2. GW, the main problem with windoze update is the compatibility issue with some (several?) brand name ‘puters.. I got a new HP with XP-home, in Aug/02 and it crashed regularly, I was diligent about keeping updated, and after several crashes, I started keeping archives of software downloads, drivers, etc, and stored them on a usb drive, and started storing 98% of my “data” on usb drive, too. Then when windoze went south, I “only” had to “restore” the opsys — I say “only” because this was a Gilligan process — you know — a 3 hour tour — that’s if there was no hangups.. Sys restore is the last resort when “recovery” fails – turning the “clock” back on the pc, and attempting to “recover” to a previous time that an “image” was made of the opsys. Well, after 4 months of more & more crashes, a converstaion with a tech led me to try turning off windozeupdate, and, I’ve had maybe 3 crashes in 61 weeks! I use zonealarm and norton-av and am not constantly rebuilding my local system — keeping 2 servers healthy keeps me plenty busy, as you know.. So, my opinion: if you have a name brand computer that uses a customized build of windoze, don’t update anything, get zonealarm and norton, and let the worms find another hole. I’ve built my own local filters, and 60% of my mail goes to my “inspect” box, and 40% goes straight to “deleted” which ayto empties when I exit lookout distress – yeah, I’m stuck in my ways, like a ot of us old guys — and I rumage through the “inspect” box, and move only the messages I may want to keep, into my inbox, instead of deleting 19,000 spams I only mark & move the ones to keep. Oh, well, so much for my outlook on lookout, and windoze. Unix is a lot more to learn, but, it is much more stable. Bye from Dye the webhost guy. I’m not posting my email or url, to prevent spam, & because I’m not soliciting any new business right now. My experimental internet radio server keeps me busy testing new technologies. Bye from Dye. 🙂

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