Waiting for word about Mutt Madness

We’re back from our Maryland trip and ready to head for bed.

As for Mutt Madness, the waiting is the hardest part. Mutt Madness continues and we’re still waiting to hear whether Sarah’s made it into the Energetic Eight! Tap…tap…tap…tap. This is agonizing!

The contest info said the eight finalists would be announced at midnight on March 24. Well…It’s past that and I know the final sixteen dogs’ owners are probably pacing the floor. Their dogs are likely blissfully unaware, sprawled on furniture or floors, snoring heartily. I know Sarah is. 😉

SO, if you haven’t voted in the Mutt Madness brackets, it appears there’s still time to vote for your favorites of the Shaggy Sixteen.

If you see there’s been an update and the field IS down to the Energetic Eight — hooray! — see if our Sarahbou & Caribou video is still in the running.

If she’s there, we’d appreciate your vote!

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