Vintage Metal Geneva Kitchen Cabinets

Thank you for your interest, but the cabinets and funky boomerang countertop are sold. Photos remain here, however!

I’ve kept this page on my site because it is a record of our home’s history. It also draws many visitors, and I know how helpful detailed photos can be to anyone researching or doing a home restoration or renovation. Scroll down, for I’ve updated this page to include some great videos having to do with retro kitchens, particularly about the 1940’s-1960’s era. They’re great for historic restoration.

Right below the video player, you can see my original ad, which includes detailed measurements of each Geneva cabinet, their layout, plus a link to photos of the cabinets we had. Enjoy the videos, then just keep scrolling down


There is a lot of storage capacity in this vintage set of custom cabinets, original to our 1954-built home. We are only the second owner of the house. The original owner had a really stylish and functional kitchen for her day!

We decided to remodel and get wood cabinets rather than try to restore these, so you benefit. You have an interest in authentic retro kitchens and design; otherwise, you’d not be viewing this page.

To give you an idea of their scale, the long side of the L-shaped counter is 12’5″ long. The 15″ drawer cabinet unit still bears its original Geneva label inside it. These cabinets have some paint wear and surface rust, but are in otherwise good condition.

The cabinet shelves are adjustable wire. Cleaned down to metal and freshly painted with a glossy enamel, these cabinets would look incredible in any retro-inspired kitchen. The porcelain sink unit shows evidence of some earlier touch-up, but they’re wonderful deep sinks.

Because our kitchen is small, it was hard to get pictures of the whole cabinet layout; therefore, I did the 3D rendering of their layout. There are photos in this gallery.


Vintage metal Geneva kitchen cabinet layout

Vintage metal Geneva kitchen cabinet layout

Wall Cabinets (12″ deep):

A.Over-fridge cabinet: 36×15″
B. 3-shelf cabinet: 30×21″
B2. Bread box: 18×14
C. Corner cabinet: 30×16″ face
D. 3-shelf cabinet: 30×21″
E. 3-shelf cabinet: 30×27″
F. 3-shelf cabinet: 30×27″

Base Units (35″ tall, 29″ deep at countertop):

G. Drawer with cookie sheet cabinet: 9″ wide
H. L-type corner cabinet: approx. 36″ square
I. Drawer & cabinet w/ slide-out drawers *

J. Sink base unit: 36″ wide
K. 3-drawer unit: 15″ wide *
L. Drawer & cabinet: 21″ wide
M. 4-drawer unit: 24″ wide

* Canisters included fit into base cabinets I and K:

  • Lidded metal Dry goods bins – two short and one long
  • Metal wire potato and onion bins
  • Large metal pie safe/bread bin with vented slider top

COUNTERTOP INCLUDED: Original metal-edged countertop in funky boomerang pattern. It’s in good condition with a few stains that will probably come out given the right cleaning. There is some wear just to the left of the sink (we just kept a glass cutting board over that spot. It would be cool covered with stainless steel, for that matter).

33 thoughts on “Vintage Metal Geneva Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Just as a curiosity, could you tell me the selling price of your set of cabinets?

  2. I have some cabinets, same as above. could you please inform me of the estimated value.

    thank you.

  3. I truly don’t know at this point. Your best best is to browse eBay, Craig’s List and other sites where people sell them and see what people ask for them and what they actually sell for. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  4. There is nothing on ebay currently.. could you please tell me the final selling price of the cabinets?

  5. They went for below market value as we sold them to someone local who just needed cabinets, period. He also removed them, which saved us the contractor’s labor for taking them out.

  6. We are remodeling our kitchen and I need about 5 or 6 of the plastic moulding that the handles screw into on the cabinet drawers. Any suggestions on where to go to find these.



  7. Hi, Kev. No, I sure don’t know where to find more of those. If I had the pieces parts to these things, I’d have a tidy little income. I receive a few e-mails a week about the cabinets, plus comments here. You might try using several search engines and looking for geneva cabinet replacement parts. Haunting home restoration forums is a good place to start, too. If you post and say you’re looking for specific parts, especially if you include the model year of your cabinets plus a photo of the parts you need, you may get dealers contacting you. I hope that helps!

  8. I saw your post for the plastic moldings and the handles that screw into the cabinet drawers. Did you get a reply? Did you find any. I need 6 handles. Thanks

  9. I keep an eye out for them, but haven’t run across any yet. Architectural salvage places would be a good place to look. They often have odds and ends in their hardware area.

  10. We are very close to renovating our kitchen with 17 Geneva units ( plus 2 more available from the laundry room). Originally we were going to keep them, but maybe we’ll replace them if anyone has an interest in these, at a decent price – whatever that might be. I realize that no one can accurately reply without details, but asking prices aside, what do sets of cabinets actually sell for?

  11. An entire set of white Geneva kitchen cabinets in excellent condition are available in Glendale, MO (St. Louis). Interested?

  12. We also have a very large set of off-white (originally pink) Geneva cabinets in excellent shape (no dents, no chipped paint etc) with all sorts of interiors–drawer bread box, pan dividers, lazy Susan corner cabinet, silverware dividers etc. The cabinets and pulls are identical to those on this site.

    We’ve just removed them and if anyone is in the Chicagoland area and interested in purchasing them, feel free to contact us directly ( We won’t be holding on to them for long–next stop is Craig’s List.

  13. We have a large set of Geneva cabinets top and bottom in great condition,Painted them in 2005 but did not remove original lables (originally green) now a tanish in color. The original handles has been changed but some handle clips are still attached.Original wire shelves,lazy susan corner cabinet,very spacious.

    Have’nt removed them from the walls, but looking to sell,and if anyone is intrested feel free to contact us directly ( for pictures or questions

  14. Back in 2010 we sold what amounts to probably about half of the cabinets in the photo above, red geneva cabinets with original sink for $700, FYI. I could have gotten more, but we needed them out fast and I cut the guy a break. =)

  15. We have Geneva kitchen cabinets and are fixing them up. We were wondering if you knew where we could find plastic inserts that go behind the knobs. Thanks!

  16. have exact same geneva metal cabinets in white, never painted original, looking to sell or have them painted to look like new. Top and Bottom cabinets
    In Buffalo Newyork

  17. I wish sometimes we’d taken ours to an auto body place and had them redone. They were the coolest cabinets. I love my kitchen now, but I really miss those cabinets!

  18. I have an entire set that includes the fridge, wire racks, ice cube trays, every thing, rounded edges even! Color is like a blueish, hard to describe original color. Never painted, hardly any rust a tiny bit by the sink area. Person would have to remove themselves. Located in NJ!!

  19. Have decided to split up the Genevas. So if you’re needing just a couple and not an entire set, give me a call at (314)680-9376. They’re in Glendale, MO (STL).

  20. Have a large number of original Geneva Cabinets- mainly lower white metal cabinets for sale immediately. Person will need to remove themselves. Sink cabinet as well. Few top cabinets but mainly a large amount of the bottom cabinets in good condition. Make an offer. Need them removed by January 7, 2014. Email with your contact information. They are in Batavia,IL.

  21. I am looking for the plastic molding inseerts and handles for the old Geneva metal kitchen cabinets. Any one have any for sale of any idea where to find them?

  22. Hello! Have entire set of Geneva cabinets looking to sell them renovating kitchen.

  23. We love our white vintage Geneva Cabinets and have a painter refinishing them and need to replace about 25 cracked or discolored plastic cup inserts that go behind the door and drawer pulls- does anybody know of a source for these?

  24. Sold all the Geneva’s except for the sink base and a couple uppers. MUST SELL!Annie @ (314)680-9376. Glendale, MO (St. Louis).

  25. Hello I’m looking for 2 base cabinets Geneva, if anyone out there would be interested in sell them, please contact me. Thank you!!!

  26. Hi! I just started looking for an outlet in regards to my Geneva cabinets and found this site. I have an entire kitchen with all the fittings and hardware. It has been painted, but in very good condition. The sink base has very minor rust, but can be cleaned. It also has the original Geneva Plaque on the front sink base face. I have photos. If interested contact me @

  27. I have a beautiful set that we found on ebay a couple of years ago. We are missing 4 clips for a shelf. I am close to going to a retired metal worker to ask if he can make some. It is discouraging when talking to antique shops where they think I am looking for parts for a Hoosier cabinet.

  28. I have a large set of Geneva cabinets that have been painted to a white/cream color, 3 uppers with the lazy susan and many lower cabinets standard drawers and deep drawers and the slide out shelf cabinet. the Geneva Logo is still on the sink and all handle pulls and wire racks are accounted for. I am located in Howell Michigan and would love to know if anyone would be interested in these. I can take photos if the interest is there. I can be contacted at

  29. Your email entered on the form doesn’t match what you wrote at the end of your comment. Let me know which one is right and I can edit your comment to correct it for you.

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