Vikki’s Friday Five

Vikki’s home-grown, very own Friday Muses. Now these are questions I feel comfortable answering. Whew!

1. If this planet wasn’t named Earth, what would you name it?
The Planet Formerly Known As Earth or maybe Earth…NOT!

2. Does ‘black’ go with everything?
It goes with everything except dog and cat hair.

3. What one food/drink gets your bowels moving the fastest?
Tomatoes. Lookout, people, lemme through!

4. Out of all of the hardwoods, which makes the best wood for building mountain dulcimers?
I prefer a softwood. That makes my dulcimer far more portable, as I can fold it neatly into a square for packing.

5. Do you sprinkle Parmesian cheese on your pasta?
If at a restaurant, yes. At the Olive Garden I tell ’em to be generous with that grater, baby! If at home, no. I mix it into my sauce while cooking it.

Wow. That didn’t hurt at all!

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