Vandals after a little tail

There are vandals prowling Wisconsin pastures, but all they’re after is a little tail.

It may have been an exercise in horse sense, but when Holly Tackett and her two daughters arrived at a Portage County pasture, they noticed immediately that something was awry.

Four of their pets, two quarter horses named Arat and Daunte, a saddlebred named Fantasia, and Kesi, an Arabian, looked a bit . . . well, incomplete.

Someone had cut off their tails.

Read story in its entirety here.

The article mentions that horse hair is expensive to purchase, and that it’s used in jewelry making. Wouldn’t it make interesting forensic work to do DNA samples of any handmade horsehair items being sold in the area and compare it to the DNA of the equine victims? Granted, it isn’t exactly a responsible use of taxpayer money, but hey. Can’t you see it? CSI: Special Horses Unit.

5 thoughts on “Vandals after a little tail

  1. What a rotten thing to do to those horses! I think, if they catch this tail nabbing bandit that a suitable punishment would be to teather them naked in a pasture with their hands tied behind their backs so they can experience first hand the frustration of being bitten by horse flies with no way to swat at them.

    They say the horses were not injured but by the end of summer the poor things will have suffered a great deal. AAUUCH!@#%$@#! It makes my blood boil thinking about it.

  2. Oh, I know it! I had originally written about the flies, but managed to delete an entire paragraph without realizing it until later. Your punishment sounds really good! Sometimes, judges have some leeway in the types of punishment they mete out — it’d be nice if he had the vandal spend an afternoon in the pasture with nothing on but shorts, no bug spray, and with his hands tied behind his back.

    Oh, and maybe pay to have someone give each horse a weave!

  3. Aww,.. those poor horse. That was so mean of those people to do that:-( Also, it is a pretty weird crime to say the least.

  4. Oh GW! You know there are already 3 CSI shows, but I bet they would consider this too! It would be interesting to see how they would solve the case.

  5. Yes, can’t you see the fancy camera work? They cut to a close-up scene of a serrated blade flashing in the beam of a flashlight, then show an ultra-close-up of it cutting through a bunch of horse hair…

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