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hosp03My mom is doing great. As you can see, she wasted no time in reestablishing her sassy persona, even while still in the recovery room! I love her so much, and I admire what a strong person she is!

She had to stay in the hospital through Sunday afternoon because she was nauseated and things weren’t….moving, if you know what I mean. When they did send her home, they didn’t send home any painkiller prescription. Howie and dad didn’t even think to ask about it, nor did mom because she’s not had pain. That’s right, three hernias, big incision, and she’s not having pain. Crazy! This is what she wrote in the prayer request thread at DG:

As Kim told you, I had three hernias. My family doctor was dumbfounded when she called me at home yesterday. I have a support that puts pressure on the surgery site. The nurse and others always asked me how long it had been since I punched the pain killer button and I kept telling them that I didn’t need to have any so I wasn’t pushing the button. The told me that I had to have it to keep the pain under control. What a crock! The physical therapist made me push it before I stood up to go for my walks with her or did the stairs. Other than that, I didn’t use it.

I was on a liquid diet and was unable to keeo it down so I had to stay in the hospital until I held solid food and my bowels moved. Howie and Bob came to get me yesterday afternoon. I have lovinox syringes that I am to inject myself with and Wednesday I will have my blood drawn so my family doctor can dose the coumadin and monitor my PT level. I went back on the coumadin as soon as I got home yesterday. They didn’t send any pain killers or a prescription for same home with me, but I don’t have pain anyway. Once in a while I feel a little burning twinge but that’s all. I feel great. I’ve got to be careful that I don’t do things I’m not supposed to do because I’m not hurting.

hosp01Hallelujah! She’s made of strong stuff. Then again, my grandpa had dental work done without Novocaine. No thanks! I sure didn’t inherit that high pain tolerance.

The OSU Medical Center East isn’t anything fancy facility-wise, that’s for sure. It has to have the most uncomfortable chairs of any hospital I’ve visited. This includes the waiting room and the patient room. Poor dad was perched on his chair, balancing his briefcase and Bible on his lap. I was in the more comfortable chair because I hurt my back and knees last week…But believe me, more comfortable is a relative term.hosp02

However, the staff seemed to be okay. Her nurse Trish was a riot! She has eight kids and four of them are two sets of twins, one fraternal pair and one identical pair. Her husband stays home with them where she “gets several hours of sanity a day” at work. LOL She really is funny and a great nurse!

The view from mom’s room made me think of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, when the camera pans and zooms in on his house. This is not a good neighborhood, though!

I have a video of mom snoring away in her hospital bed (yes, mom, you do so snore! LOL), but I’ll save that for a time when some big favor’s needed. I may require blackmail material.

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  1. I’m glad your mom is doing so well! You are absolutely correct about the view from her window. The neighborhood looks nice from here, but I trust you. People who live in a community know which areas are good and which are bad.

  2. Kimberley, I always wanted to be in His neighborhood and go to his house. It always looked like so much fun, ha, ha. And you are right, it did remind me of the picture. LOL. Hope Mom is doing well today and from now on. Big hugs, Kathy

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