Update About Chanah

This is the same thing I posted at her site, so just skim it if you’ve already been there, LOL.

Vikki called and said the surgeon got in there and saw everything from her tonsilectomy had healed up nicely…Except one scab. A big scab (since those tonsils were whoppers, you’ll recall). That one scab, though, was over an artery, so when it came off, she bled. A lot. He cauterized the artery with the laser, just to be safe, and they cleaned out her stomach so there wouldn’t be any blood coming up if she got nauseated. The whole Willis clan has seen enough blood for a lifetime, don’t you think? And, AND…Chanah went back home this afternoon. She slept several hours; when she woke up, she said she was HONGRY and promptly downed two bowls of ice cream. She’s playing games on their computer right now.

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