Up and Down

Both my website and my e-mail has been up and down the last week. So has the church website. My webhost, bless his heart, has been up to his eyeballs in the technical cesspool of a hack. He asks prayer — we’re praying!

I’m not sure why the rest of my blog entries have disappeared from view. They’re all in the archives, just not showing the last so many days on this page. I’ll have to see what’s up, but right now I’ve got a headache and feel rather fuzzy – not very apt to solve much.

If you’ve e-mailed me at my gardenwife.com address and (1) have never heard back or (2) got a bounce message saying something like “she ain’t here”, that’s why.

E-mail appears to be functioning again, but just in case it’s not completely fixed, you might want to CC any e-mails to me to leapday at adelphia dot net.

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