Typing in my sleep: Somntypulism?

I’ve been staying up way too late the last few nights, almost like my old sleep habits. Last night, I futzed with my PDA and its CF wireless adapter until almost 3:00am.

Howie did the card config and WEP keys for me the last few times I’ve had to reinstall stuff on my PDA, but this time I did it on my own. He was sleeping by the time I’d conquered the dragon, so I couldn’t crow my triumph to him. What to do? Why, send him and e-mail from my Gmail account, of course!

Thing was, I was really tired, falling asleep as I typed.

FROM: blah@blahblah.com
TO: mutter@gripe.com
SUBJ: proud

of me for getting my wifi card to work and get good Italian food!

lol i was falling asleep as i typed that. i’ll just leave it.

sent from my axim. love you!

spaghetti.jpg“…Good Italian food!”? Where on earth did that come from? I remember dozing off as I typed, waking and reading that line. I laughed to myself, thinking that was pretty amusing and I’d better leave it in the e-mail.

When I woke this morning, I remembered typing something funny in an e-mail, but I wasn’t convinced it hadn’t been a vivid dream. Nope, no dream…It was right there in my Sent folder. After I showed him the e-mail, Howie said, “wait a minute, you sent this from your Axim? You mean you typed all that on the on-screen keyboard with the stylus?”

Gee, said that way, it really sounds ridiculous.I even capitalized Italian, for Pete’s sake, and included an explanation point. It must have been outstanding Italian food in my dream.

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2 thoughts on “Typing in my sleep: Somntypulism?

  1. Oh yea, you were wanting some spaghetti, lasagna, chicken parmesan … something with a red sauce. I hope you got it!!

  2. It’s that time of year….our brains become addled in anticipation of that Thanksgiving until New Year calendar extravaganza….

    Hey, I’ll admit it – I read it quickly and first thought – man, what’s Kimberley doing talking about a “wifey” card? Is this something that she holds out and only plays on Howie occasionally? ***Snort***

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