Two-headed dog?

Luca and Gida, Play 08, originally uploaded by Bgrax

No, this is not a two-headed dog, but it certainly looks like one at first glance. What a great optical illusion! More than that, it just begs for a story. This is the comment I left:

I love this! To me, the lighting looks like the soft glow of TV and makes me see a story. Luca and Gida were playing tug, but something on the TV caught their attention. They paused, mid-tug, and their jaws dropped in amazement.

What did they see?

Feel free to chime in below in the comments. 🙂

I really enjoy Bgrax’s photos and in seeing them wish I’d learned how to shoot on a film camera first. A friend loaned me a Yashica 35mm camera and a bunch of lenses while I was in high school, and that’s what really got me hooked. My great uncle and aunt bought me a Minolta X-370 as a high school graduation gift. Finally, in about 1997, Howie and I bought a Canon Rebel G.

Still, though I have always had a good eye, I never had the technical expertise to get the images out of the camera that I saw in my head. Not only that, I never knew why some of my shots came out well and why others were duds.

I have no formal training. It wasn’t until I started shooting digital and having that instant feedback that I learned how, for instance, the use of aperture can take an okay shot and make it sing.

So, when I see someone who has mastered film like this, it makes me feel both wowed and wistful.

3 thoughts on “Two-headed dog?

  1. I thought that was a statue! I swear! I didn’t figure it out until I saw the two dogs in color on Flickr.
    I feel dumb now.

  2. You know, you can pick up a nice film camera and take a class. Everything you learn you can apply to any medium you shoot. Film was so much fun to work with and now I find myself struggling with digital. Funny, huh? Yeah, it is, if only because digital gives you too many options and seems so quick and easy, with shots being so disposable. With film, you have to think and plan. I’ve decided I’m going to apply my film philosophy to my digital endeavors and see if I can’t improve my craft.

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