Twitter Lists wishlist

I’m so glad to see the lists function coming to Twitter! Maybe with these, I won’t have to use third-party solutions* so much just to manage and filter.

That said, I have a observations and suggestions:

  1. Let us add list members via a form with auto-complete. Don’t make us slog through pages of people we’re following just to find a few individuals.
  2. Let us access editing functions for each list right from the main page’s drop-down menu; don’t make us go through three screens to do it, please.
  3. Let us choose notification preferences at list level rather than individual level. For example, I would like to receive SMS notification for any tweets coming from people on my Family list.
  4. BUG: When I go to the page listing my various lists, both the following and followers columns show zero for each list. However, if I go to an individual list, the people I chose are all represented in that list’s timeline.

*I still like EchoFon for Firefox (formerly TwitterFox) for how it makes it so easy to post a tweet with a link to the page I’m currently browsing. I also like its unobtrusive pop-ups displaying new tweets. More robust, Seesmic is a feature-rich app for managing social media accounts. I’m not so much of a power user as to really need that, but I noodle around with it sometimes.

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