Twitchy Lungs

I was up at the crack o’ ten today and made it to my 10:45am doctor’s appointment by the skin of my teeth. She said she calls what I’m experiencing “twitchy lungs” (she has such funny descriptions for things, but this one’s actually used by healthcare professionals).

You know the scenario: Everything from cold air to warm air, talking on the phone, or just trying to take a deep breath triggers coughing fits. The virus causes bronchial tubes to be coated and constricted, smaller in diameter, making breathing difficult. She prescribed an albuterol inhaler to open my lungs. She also prescribed Zephrex LA, a higher-powered version of the expectorant and pseudoephedrine I have been taking separately in OTC form. It has 120mg Pseudoephedrine HCl and 600mg Guaifenesin, works great!

Thank God for generics, for together they came to less than $3.50. She gave me a prescription for Zithromax (an antibiotic), but said to hold off on that unless I find myself showing definite signs of an infection a few days from now. I like a doctor who doesn’t just prescribe antibiotics willy-nilly, especially when dealing with what you know darned well is a viral and not bacterial in nature. She and I know the drill, though, from her being my doctor for twenty years; I’ve been prone to secondary infections before, so she wanted me to be all set just in case I do need it.

While I was there, I went ahead and got my blood drawn. I was overdue for a fasting blood test (cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.). Remind me not to have people poke me with needles when I’m already feeling puny and sick. I mean, on a good day I get a little wonky about needles. Common sense took flight today and I thought I was okay to just sit upright in the chair while the technician drew the vials. Nope…I got all pale and shocky and I ended up having to lie down, after all. Oh, the drama!

Good news: I’ve lost a solid 5 pounds since last Friday’s weigh-in there at the office, down to 234 pounds now! And this even during my dreaded week of bloat. Just gotta love illness sometimes, LOL. It will feel good to slip down into the 220’s again…I weighed 220 pounds when we got married and got down as low as 199 pounds at one time. It’s just not that far off. I can do this.

I told my doctor how the weight loss journey’s been going and about how we joined YMCA. She is such a bubbly lady, clapped her hands and grinned from ear to ear. She said to hold off on swimming until next week, to let my body’s energy go toward healing itself. She also said I’d been wise in not cutting my calories further back while sick. Yay for common sense.

4 thoughts on “Twitchy Lungs

  1. I want your doctor It sounds like you are on the mend and doing much better. WTG on the 5 pound loss. Hopefully you’ll be well in no time and won’t need the antibiotic. I think William’s been on that one 3 times since September and about 3-4 other varieties at least twice.

  2. You know the heck of it? She’s retiring in a couple of years. The others at the practice are terrific, too, but I just love my doctor.

  3. I’m particularly touchy about this as a good friend who had simple brochitis with albuterol inhaler was today admitted with a pulmonary embolus (blood clot to the lung)
    Just you be careful A girl oughtn’t have to worry this much about her friends!

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