Twiddling my thumbs

My Cricut still hasn’t come in at the scrapbook store. It was supposed to be there on Monday. They’re closed now through Friday while they move to the new location next door to their current storefront. I know it’s a busy and crazy time for them since their grand re-opening in the new store is on Saturday.

I’m not mad at them or anything, just anxious to use my new machine! So, I’ve been reading up on the Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot boards and I’ve been twiddling my thumbs…

While I was at it, I made the above animated gif myself, a first for me. How? Thanks to people creating some handy conversion applications, it wasn’t that complicated.

First, I shot a brief video of my hands as I twiddled my thumbs. I shot the video with our Sony Cybershot DSCW150, using the lowest quality 320×240 MPEG video setting so the clip would be a small file. Don’t let it fool you – that little camera can shoot some really nice video. I had to go with a lesser quality video for this purpose, though, because highest quality mode produced a file over 30MB in size and I just wanted to do a quick conversion.

Converting the clip to an ani was easy, thanks to an online file conversion site I found: VTubeTools. It worked like a charm! I told it to start about 2 seconds into the clip since the beginning shows my right hand coming into the frame right after I pushed the shutter button. I had it capture the next 5 seconds of video.  It came out right the first time through, surprisingly. You’ll notice a little hiccup where it loops, but it’s really not too bad for a first attempt.

3 thoughts on “Twiddling my thumbs

  1. I don’t blame you for wanting your new toy. Kevin is the same way when he has to wait. I like the video also!

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