Trying Zooomr

I’m trying out Zooomr at the moment. It’s touted as being “Flickr on steroids”. They’re also giving away free pro accounts to bloggers who post a photo hosted at Zooomr’s site. So…Here’s a photo.

dogs-studio-19-eddogs-studio-19-ed Hosted on Zooomr

I took this today in our kitchen, using our halogen track light for my lighting. Its six movable spot lights are very handy and the light is nice and bright. The wings are leaning against the dark blue velveteen backdrop, not attached to Sarah. I was photographing the wings for a project I’m working on and decided to take some photos of the dogs, too. The rest of the shots are already posted at Flickr in my Dogs set. I need to give Zooomr a good run and see if I want to move my activity over there.

Who knows what Zooomr’s yearly subscription rate will run when the free pro account comes up for renewal, though. I am afraid I’ll love it and not be able to afford it. What I’d really love is a pro account at Flickr, but $24.95 is a lot to pay each year in addition to my own web hosting. I have sufficient server space, but I don’t have the social networking and wonderful Flickr interface! Would it be terribly tacky of me to put a tip jar in the sidebar of my blog?

4 thoughts on “Trying Zooomr

  1. To be honest, I’ve not done too much with it yet. I like the mechanics and navigation, but am not yet convinced it has/will have the traffic and sense of community which Flickr enjoys. I need to play more there and explore other peoples’ pictures and profiles.

    Readers: do likewise and post your thoughts! 🙂

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