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For years, ISP’s have put limits on the file sizes allowed for attachments. With the advent of broadband like cable and DSL, they’ve raised the limits to more generous limits like 10MB. But what about the really big files?

Unless you have your own website, the only way you could get a really big file from your computer to someone else’s was burning a data CD or DVD and mailing it to the recipient. If you have web hosting and FTP access, you could always upload your files then send the link to your recipient so they could download the files. But that is a many-stepped process and also assumes your hosting account has sufficient space to host the large file.

Today I learned of a free service which, like its namesake, lets users transfer big files for free. When they say big, they mean big: they allowfor files up to 1 gigabyte, as a matter of fact. The interface is basic, but that’s okay. It’s temporary hosting, not long-term storage. The files you upload to their server are only there for 5 days before they’re deleted.

It’s not intended to be used as a web-based e-mail account, so there is no address book or other such webmail features. You can, however, notifiy multiple recipients of a file’s availability. They also provide download notification so you know when your files have been downloaded by their intended recipient(s).

Though they do not offer secure encryption, you can password-protect the files for download. Their privacy statement is clear: They log your IP and may set a cookie to preserve preferences. Just about any site does that. They keep the e-mails entered, but only for the purpose of mail delivery; they don’t rent, sell or share the addresses wtih others. Their Terms of Use are equally simple: Don’t use the service for transferring illegal material and remember that the service could go *poof* without any warranty to users. Pretty standard fare and nice to see it in just two paragraphs.

I can see this being a very useful service, especially when I work with bigger files such as videos and need a way to get them to clients and friends. It would also be handy for doing backups at remote locations (you don’t want your CD’s, DVD’s or external hard drives burning up with your computer if the house catches fire, right?).

The service is a product of Axosoft, which provides bug tracking and ticket tracking software solutions for businesses. I’m sure they are using it as a means to get people to see their products available for purchase. It’s smart marketing and provides a needed service.

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