Tossed Atomz…Plus A Question

I got rid of the Atomz search since it was not picking up on my pages correctly and it was more of a hassle than I wanted. Please join me in welcoming my favorite search engine to my page. After a little tweaking so the search box is (1) a bit smaller and (2) searches by default, it is working pretty well. Give ‘er a whirl, why don’tcha? I need to figure out if there’s a way to bring up search requests (that’s once I figure out how to log back in at Google!).

Does anyone know how to do something similar to MoveableType’s expanded entries, only with a Blogger template? I would really like to just have a teaser for each blog entry, with a way for the entry to be expanded and collapsed again. These pages are so long! E-Mail me help?

Okay, my blood sugar is down to the nether regions of middle earth now. I’m off to ingest a spoonful of peanut butter and put something in the oven for our dinner. Crawling off now for a bit….

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