Cyber Monday Deals Week

I don’t hit the stores for Black Friday. No way, not in cold Ohio! I do, however, love Cyber Monday. Even more, I love how Amazon has extended the fun and savings all week long, just like they did for Black Friday Week. The sales have already begun on Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week, with a new special being announced every 10 minutes.

Watch their Cyber Monday landing page or use any of the following links to take you to whatever department makes you drool — err — catches your eye for gift-giving this season. Deals are announced ahead of time so you can pop back in when they start.


2013 Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week

2013 Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week: New deals every 10 minutes, all week long!


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On the Internet, everyone knows you’re a dog



The iconic New Yorker cartoon, “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog” (published July 3, 1993), slays me. I remember seeing it when it first was published and loving it not only because I was very interested in the Internet plus I am a big dog lover. It strikes me as funny today as it did twenty years ago.

Boy, do I feel old right now. But I digress…

Today, I saw a blog post by Glenn Fleishman on BoingBoing about it called Everybody Knows You’re a Dog, and had to share.  He uses the cartoon as an illustration of how things have changed regarding anonymity online. Now, our information is out there for everyone, whether we choose to be transparent or we’re known by the “breadcrumbs” we unwittingly leave behind us as we traverse the web.  People live in an increasingly transparent culture. It’s an interesting read.

This Joy of Tech cartoon sums the change up nicely:




Especially for those not tech savvy enough to hide their tracks, the day of anonymity online is gone.



Let Meijer know you don’t want the Newark, Ohio store to close


Meijer doesn't have a pain reliever for store closures.

On February 26, Meijer announced that the Newark Meijer store will close on May 24, 2013. This news hit us hard. We’ve been shopping at Meijer since it opened and have received great service from many familiar faces through the years.

Aside from it being a large employer for the county, the store is one of only a few large privately-owned retailers around here. People from all around the county go there for groceries, prescriptions, clothes, household items, hardware, electronics and all sorts of other things.

What’s a community to do when faced with yet another store closing? If Meijer’s presence in the Newark/Licking County area is important to you as an employer or destination for your family’s pharmacy, grocery, and other household needs, don’t just shake your head and comment on Facebook.

What can you do? Let them know directly.

Like the Save the Newark Meijer Store Facebook page:

Contact Meijer directly via email, social media, snail mail and phone.

(use hashtags #NewarkMeijer and #NewarkOhio)

Meijer on Pinterest:
Meijer on Facebook:
Meijer on Google+:
Meijer Press Email:

Meijer Mailing Address: 2929 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Meijer Phone: (877) 363-4537

It may not change the outcome, but we can sure let Meijer know we want them here in our city! Don’t let them shut down that store without knowingwhat it means to us as a community.

Melinda Herman and the gun debate

Over seven minutes elapsed from the time her husband called to the time the police arrived. Fortunately, she was able to defend herself and her kids. Even if she’d called 911 first instead of her husband, that would have been at least seven minutes she waited. If that were me and my family, I would be very thankful I had my gun.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

I haven’t blogged about gun control, seeing as my husband does plenty of that at The H-Man. I grew up around firearms and hunting, but because my dad was an abusive person and my relationship with him was poor, I associated all of that with him. My husband began getting interested in guns a few years ago and I really struggled with it. I just associated them with good old boys and my father. Slowly, through keeping an open mind and watching some of the excellent shooting shows on TV, I began to respect the skills of marksmen and overcame my irrational feelings. I enjoy target shooting now and am thankful I know how to safely handle a gun and shoot.

Like I said, I am glad Melinda Herman was able to defend herself and I’m proud of her for using her skills to do so. There have been many cases where homeowners haven’t been able to do so, and terrible things have happened. With proper training, safe handling, and a plan, firearms can save your life.

Local discounts every day!

I’ve become a full-fledged Groupon junkie. If there’s a 12-step program, please DON’T tell me about it. Their writing is right up there with the laughter-inducing prose at ThinkGeek.

One of the other things I like is how so many of the deals are for small, locally-owned businesses. It’s a great way for them to get the word out about their services. They also have nation-wide deals, though; my latest score was three movie rentals from Redbox for the price of one. Redbox has a terrific business model, by the way.

With everything moving toward streaming content, I suspect their window of opportunity is closing, but for those who don’t want to subscribe to something like Netflix and prefer DVD’s, they are wonderful. We do have the disk-a-month and unlimited streaming Netflix, but sometimes it’s nice grabbing a brand-new DVD release for only a buck. In this case, I’ll get 3/$1.00 — Woohoo for a bargain for me!

Check out Groupon and let me know what you think. Share your bargain stories!

Pit bull terriers get a bad rap

This is a great video. The family’s pit bull bugged his owner frantically until he came with him to find out what was bothering him. The dog saved the baby’s life. This family has had their children saved by pit bulls not once, but twice.

There’s a reason Staffordshire bull terriers, a foundation for the American pit bull terrier, was called the nanny dog for years before the powers that be decided to make bully breeds the evil dogs of the decade. They’re extremely affectionate, loyal family dogs that are gentle with children and other animals when they’re trained to be.

There are many myths being spread about pit bulls, such as one that says their jaws lock. That’s just not true. You can read more about these erroneous claims at these links:

The media demonizes dog breeds, working people into a frenzy. Think about it. The media’s been shoving scary stories down our throats for decades. In the 80’s it was the doberman, then in the 90’s it was rottweilers. Now it’s the pit bull terrier and similar-looking breeds. Where will it end?

Dog Bites

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a report on dog bites by breed in the US. You can read and download it here. Be sure to read through it, though, not just scan the tables. The authors explain how the figures were derived and point out the flaw in just looking at numbers alone.

You will find that rottweilers, German shepherds and pit bulls have high numbers of dog bite deaths. So do great Danes. There’s no doubting that a big dog with a big set of teeth can really hurt a person. But also consider this: the numerous nips and aggressive bites from vicious small dogs will not only inflict a lot less damage, but will often go unreported. People tend to report large dogs because they perceive them to be more vicious.

You can read the American Veterinary Medicine Association’s paper, A Community Approach to Dog Bite Prevention.

Temperament Testing

Additionally, temperament tests done by the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) show pit bulls to rank very highly on their temperament tests. The higher the percentage of dogs that passed the test, the better the overall temperament of that breed. Here’s a sampling of some popular breeds in America:

  • Pug: 90.5%
  • American Pit Bull Terrier: 85.3%
  • Golden Retriever: 84.6%
  • German Shepherd: 83.7
  • Rottweiler: 83%
  • Beagle 81%
  • Doberman Pinscher: 77.4%
  • Chihuahua: 71%
You can view the test results of all breeds at this link.

Breed Specific Laws (BSL)

Punish the deed, not the breed. Aside from penalizing responsible dog owner, BSL’s just don’t work for the purposes for which they’re written. People who fight dogs breed for aggression and abuse their dogs; they also use their dogs as weapons. The pit bull naturally wants to please and protect its owner, and unscrupulous individuals exploit this.  People like that are going to produce dogs that bite because they encourage it.

It’s not the responsible, law-abiding dog owners who should be punished. The website Stop BSL’s (Breed specific laws) has detailed information regarding BSL and provides an excellent list of resources.

Some pit bull resources on the web:

Pitbull411: “…Here you can find everything pit bull including a history of the pitbull, the breed profile, pit bull photos, pit bull rescue and adoption organizations, as well as pit bull breeders.”

Pit Bulls on the Web: The site owner’s objectives: (1) Help dogs in need and the people who care about them, (2) educate Pit Bull owners so that unpleasant accidents are avoided, but Pit Bull ownership enjoyed, (3) promote responsible Pit Bull ownership and positive leadership, (4) continue to learn about the breed and stay true to my conjunctions, and (5) raise a loud voice against those who promote, support, or participate in the abuse and cruelty of animals.

Find the pit bull: Only one of the 25 pictures features a pit bull terrier. All the dogs pictured are purebred representations of their breeds.
It may not be as easy as you think. Can you spot the lone pit bull? Can your friends and family? It’s a real eye-opener!

Pit Bull Rescue Central:  “Pit Bull Rescue Central envisions a compassionate world where pit bulls and pit bull mixes reside in responsible, loving homes and where their honor and positive image is restored and preserved.”

I have one more video before I close. Please prepare yourself for images of a vicious pit bull, scary Siamese mix cat, and chicks. Get ready to rumble!

I hope that this entry, along with the links I’ve provided, will encourage people to challenge stereotypes. If you’re a pit bull lover and have additional resources, please drop me a comment or an e-mail and let me know. I can expand this list of resources. I know this is a controversial topic, but I will not tolerate rude or offensive posts in the comments; expect any such comments to be deleted.