Moving On Over

Yes, just when I get my blog template the way I want it, I’m going to move my blogging over to MoveableType, hosted and edited now at my own server.

So….From now on, go HERE for my current blog. Yes, it’s easy to remember – – but don’t expect anything to pretty until I figure more of this stuff out! 😉

Who’s your ducky?

The plumber and the contractor doing the basement made their way out of the house yesterday with our old cast-iron tub balanced on a dolly. Until Jamie the plumber hauls it away, it’s sitting in our front yard. Last night when Howie got home from work, he rolled the trash bin out to the curb, as usual. While he was out there, he moseyed on over to the tub to take a look at it.

“Is this our rubber ducky?”, he asked. When I asked him if it was the yellow one our friend’s son left here one time, he said it wasn’t. Hmmmmmmmm…..

Yes, someone had placed a rubber ducky in our lawn tub. Oh, the hilarity!

It didn’t remain a mystery for long, because someone couldn’t keep her glee to herself. Last night, in reply to some pictures I’d e-mailed my siteless buddy Angie, I received the following missive:

when/who/how are you getting rid of it? just think it might be good to check it over before she goes.

Yep, it was her. She’d left our place around 10:30pm last night and gone to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures. While there, she bought the little rubber ducky and snuck back to our house about 11:00pm. She parked her car down the street and covertly scrambled down the sidewalk in front of our house.

She could see me in the office window, puttering away at my computer. I never had a clue, sneaky thing. I just love her!

This, too, shall pass

Construction continues, and our upstairs bathtub and its surrounding wall are being have been dismantled and removed. The wall behind the tile was pretty well rotten, so it’s good timing, all this. We’re having a Sterling 60″ shower with two seats installed instead of another tub; with Howie’s back injury, this will make his life much easier. Though I love baths, I rarely go to the hassle of one when I can shower so quickly.

Well, it’s done now, huh?

The downstairs is really looking good! I’ve not posted pictures lately, but I’ve been chronicling everything in photos (note to self: do backup!). John’s got the bathroom, hallway and laundry room all drywalled…It’s just amazing how it’s coming together. We’ll be sooo glad when it’s all done, though. Even though we’ve pretty much grown used to the various construction noises, it still makes morning sleep restless, and we’re looking forward to having a working sink, shower and toilet all in ONE room again (two rooms, if you count the full bath downstairs).

We found a beautiful, quality nylon carpet at Rite Rug yesterday. It’s a mix of soft blues in a deep, sculptured plush. Best yet, we were able to buy it in the form of three large carpet remnants rather than off the rack. We’d decided to get a cheap, taupe carpet at Lowe’s for $2/square foot, including installation, but it was lousy carpet and the cheapest padding. This way, we’re getting premium carpet, along with a nice, thick pad, and only paying a couple hundred more than the cruddy stuff would have cost us at Lowe’s. Moral of this story: Check the remnants section at your local carpet store!


Darned girl decided to forego her site, for a while anyway. That’s the only reason it’s been removed from my sidebar links. I guess that’s the impetus for me to offer Pangie updates. Let’s see…She’s got some resumes floating around right now, and has an interview tomorrow at a local business. Woo! If we can get her to, perhaps she’ll pop in Good Soil ever so often and speak for herself.

She doesn’t really want me speaking for her, does she? Oh, my, she’s brave if so.

Playing with Paper

I worked at the church today and did the Sunday bulletins. The Risograph machine really wasn’t bad to use, and it made the copies so fast! I only used the black ink drum today, but I can get creative and use the red or green if the mood strikes me.

It’s been so long since I’ve done papery-foldy types of things, though; there is no folding machine, and my speed left something to be desired when it came to folding and stuffing the bulletins with the two inserts we had this week. I ended up being there a couple hours longer than I though I’d be. Thank goodness there were only 150 bulletins to do.

I’ve decided I desperately want an 24″ Fiskars rotary paper cutter…Oh, yeah, aaalrgrrhhh. The church office has one, and one of the wheels you can put on the thing does perforated lines, which we use for a tear-off registration card for visitors. Way cool, that cutter. It also has a wheel which does a fluted, wavy edge.

I have an unhealthy love for office supplies!

Final Inspection

The final inspection for the front rooms of the renovation was today, and both the structure and electric inspectors signed off. Tomorrow, John will start doing the raised floor for the hall and bathroom. Yippee! It sounds like the plumber may take up to 1 1/2 weeks to do his part, though. So, it doesn’t appear we’re going to meet our June 1 completion date. My MIL has not sold her trailer yet, either, so we’re not in a huge hurry. We just want it done!

Clumsy Swarms

The termites from the colony in the remnant of the sycamore stump out back swarmed today. Yuck. They are clumsy flyers and only make it a few yards before falling to the ground. Their wings fall off at that point – serves ’em right, little pests.

The swarmers, or aletes, are the winged reproductives in a termite colony; it’s their job to go out and create new colonies. The critters have underground nests, usually away from structures, and journey to wood structures just to load up on yummy wood pulp to take back to the nest. Seeing swarmers does not mean your home is infested.

I learned about termites when we were in the process of buying our home. The inspection showed there was a minor termite infestation under the back door. Leave it to a termite to find the one tiny bit of wood in our brick house — the thin wood strip between the masonry block from the foundation and the brick wall above. The seller had to pay for an exterminator to come and treat our house. Actually, we are probably due for another treatment, or at least an inspection, since all that was back in 1999.

Back to the swarmers. Our small fishpond sits near the stump, and this afternoon its surface was littered with the bodies of their fallen comrades. I haven’t bought a fishnet yet, so didn’t have a way to skim them all off the surface. They’re likely to have the pond water really fouled. Yuck again. The tiny feeder goldfish we put in the pond are in no way up to the task presented.

For more than you ever thought you’d want to know about termites, check out the University of Toronto’s link here and Ohio State University’s great Ohioline page.