Too chipper for our own good?

For all the customers who tell us we’re just way too cheerful for such an early hour…What do you think of this new depressive drug recently approved by the FDA? Play the video in full-screen mode so you can read the fine print!

Would you rather we speak in monotones and avoid eye contact, then sigh heavily when you tell us what you’d like to drink? 😉  Yeah, didn’t think so.

By the way, a friendly note to customers at coffee shops everywhere: Please, if you need more room for cream, just tell an employee so s/he can pour off a bit of the coffee into the sink. Please, don’t just dump and inch’s worth of coffee into the trash receptacle. Have you ever had to empty trash and had the bag tear? Imagine that plus a host of liquids splashing onto your legs and feet. It didn’t happen today, but I’ve had it happen in the past and it’s not fun.

And to the ladies who don’t feel comfortable sitting down on the toilet seat? I totally understand that, believe me. I’ve been known to teeter above the bowl myself. But when you’re done, would you “please be neat and wipe the seat”? It’s common courtesy, ladies Why make someone else do that?

Other than those two issues, I had a pretty good day today!  😉

5 thoughts on “Too chipper for our own good?

  1. It sure does. I mean, would you pour 2 ounces of coffee in your trash at home? Would you leave the toilet seat splashed in your own house? Gaaah. Basic courtesies people perform at home should be extended to the public as well. If these courtesies are foreign to them even at home? I don’t even want to comment on that one!

  2. After paying for the coffee I can’t imagine why someone would want to throw any of it out. Maybe they think because it is a coffee shop the bags are thicker and stronger. Is there a sink or somewhere else to dump the left over coffee? Is there a certain spot they can throw it away safely?

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  4. There are sinks in both public restrooms and the counter is ten feet away. Thick bags? I wish! LOL They should see how thin our bags are! 😛

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