Tonight we went to the

Tonight we went to the birthday party of a friend. To set the scene, it was a casual outdoor party, everyone there was an adult, and it was all people we’ve known from various churches. When one lady mentioned that a coach at a Columbus HS took the team to Hooters after a game, we shook our heads, laughing, thinking that probably was the last place one would want to bring a busload of hormone-pumped teenage boys.

One guy said, “Well, they do have great wings…you know, chicken wings?” and before I knew what I was saying, I blurted out, “Yeah, but they have great breasts!”

Fortunately, after about a second of stunned silence, everyone howled. I added, “You know, chicken breasts!”

If you don’t have Hooters restaurants where you live, I guess this might not mean much to you and you’ll just have to look the corporate website up for yourself. You can guess what the main attraction there is, though (second only to those great chicken wings, that is).

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